Privacy Policy is always concerned for maintaining user privacy. The main moto of is to ensure users’ comfortable and provide secure environment while operating our web site. Various ways of collection of information, types of information collected by, securing methods and utilization of users’ information and data are explained in this privacy policy.

User’s Agreement

By using you are agree to the privacy policy of the Website an also agree to utilization of the information on the conditions as mentioned in the privacy policy. If there is any difference in the opinion of the user with respect to the privacy policy or user does not agree with any term in this Policy then it is suggested to discontinue the use immediately and also do not provide any Personal Information to the Website. Not agreeing to the privacy policy restricts users to use the website in any way e.g posting comments to our Blog, or send us e-mail etc.

Agreement to changes may change or revise its Privacy Policy as and when required by changing its terms and conditions. Users are advised to follow up the Privacy policy changes by reviewing this Privacy Policy every time you visit the Website. This will ensure user’s awareness towards the current Privacy Policy and facilitating user to review consent to “user agreement” for changes in website privacy policy. Further use of reconfirm user’s acceptance for current Privacy Policy.

Ways of Collecting Information and Types

Your personal information may be collected by your actions on the website e.g searches made by user, email send by user, your name, mobile number, biography, photo, Internet Protocol address (IP address), username and passwords etc. Your information may also be collected through other means of correspondence but on the discretion of user.

When you are using the website "cookies" are used to receive and store certain types of information on users’ hard drives. The information provided by Cookies are recognised and customised as per the user priorities and are made user friendly for an wonderful website experience. These Cookies can be disabled or enables through user’s internet browsers in “help” icon of toolbar. never collected information knowingly for any purpose other than improvement of website and also not selling or otherwise misusing the your personal information. However, in legal cases your information may be shared to the authorised legal judiciary that to on appropriate authority only.

Use of Information use user Personal Information only to enhance and personal customization as per user choice for an improved website experience. We use Personal Information on some occasions e.g

(a) Provide user features and services by sending emails or contacting on other channels provided by the user while operating the website.

(b) Intimating the service announcement and updates or offers in the website.

(c) Enhancing user’s website experience by serving relevant and behavioural advertisements which were noticed through the information stored in the cookies. never sell Personal Information available in respect of its customers to third parties, sell or rent lists of users or any other information except circumstances as follows:

Comprehensive Information: may disclose cumulative information regarding its users and usage of this web site to advertisers, partners and others for various purpose for enhancing website experience.

Third Party partners: may allow third-party companies so that they can arrange advertisements of user’s necessity and interests on the website through direct link which enhances the site experience by saving efforts and time for searching a particular items online.

Legal aspects:

User information may also be shared to concerned legal authorities in case of the following mishandling of the website:

(a) If user is found violating the regulations and laws e.g Offensive, obscene, threatening, abusive, posting false or inaccurate information, sexual post or any other harassing post .

(b) Security breached by means of unauthorized access to server, interfering service of host or user, inducting virus to the website, site overloading, introducing advertisements, unwanted emails etc

Any violation of above mentioned aspects will be treated as violation to various laws and regulations and Govt Acts. The defaulter is liable to undergo legal prosecution under the IT Act. If any of the other above scenario is found then user information can be shared with the appropriate authorities for further investigations.

Removal of Information

If any time users want to remove personal information from the website then they can contact through email requesting for removal of your personal identifiable information.

Your personal information will be permanently deleted from the website server and will not be used in any way thereafter by the website.